The Mad Mage is dead, but a greater evil awaits…

Our four brave adventurers, played by Alec, Morse, Chris, and Paul, are braving the depths of Undermountain to discover the meaning behind their oddly compelling dreams.

first update 14/2/10 – The courageous party have made their first foray into the Dungeon Levels. How did they do? well, Chris is gonna upload some stuff, but in the meantime, here’s a GM’s perspective.

second update 06/03/10 – The second foray into the Dungeon Levels, GM’s perspective here!

Players and their characters: Chris – Serafine of the Fife (Human F Bard, CN, Cyric Worshipper) Morse – insert name please, Chris, awful memory! (Human M Rogue, CN, Cyric Worshipper) Paul – Tordek (Dwarf M Cleric, LG, Moradin Worshipper) Alec – as with Morse (Dwarf M Fighter, LG, Moradin Worshipper)

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